Monday, July 27, 2015

Little Lambs So White and Fair

Email from Monday, July 27, 2015

Hey there family,

I'm serious when I say that I don't know how it's possible that another week has passed by yet here I am. The time goes by soo fast. :(

But this was a good week! Hermana Monar and I were healthy and happy and working hard. I've grown to love her so much and this week, I think she finally was able to realize why I have the tendency to push her so hard to be better because during our comp study she was like "Hermana, I could never train a new missionary but I'm so glad that if I do, I can be just like you." It seriously made me so happy because I have not been anywhere close to being the perfect trainer but if nothing else, I love her to death and I just have tried my best to help her realize her potential. We're getting along really well now and I don't even want to imagine the day when I'll have to let her fly on her own. Seriously, the mission is boot-camp for life.

Right now we're teaching this girl named Socima and her husband Leo and they're seriously so wonderful. Leo is actually less-active and Socima is pretty much a member because she's received missionaries a lot and attended the church for years. She's probably one of the best people on earth and she's so excited for her baptism on the 15th of August. She's already halfway through 1 Nephi and she loves reading the pamphlets and then discussing them with her husband. Seriously, I wish you all could meet the people here, I love them so dang much. Also my pensionista who was less-active but we rescued has a date to get sealed to her husband next July. I told her I'm gonna do whatever it takes to be there so I already have my return trip plans in my head hahah. I just love Bolivia and I don't know how I'm ever going to leave but I still have a loooot of time, thankfully. :)

Yesterday, I ate lamb for the first time (and hopefully the last). It was hilarious though because we eat lunch with members on Sunday and the member was like "hermanas you eat lamb, right?" and I was like "uhhh...yeah we can" and my companion was like " that normal meat?" and I just smiled and was like "Hermana, ya know the picture on the front of the Restoration pamphlet? We gotta leave the ninety-and-nine to go find the lost we can eat it for lunch" It was hilarious until I actually had to eat 4 pieces of it while listening to the family fight over whether it was actually lamb or if the lady had sold her goat meat without knowing. It expèrience. hahaha.

Othewise all is well and I'm just happy as can be to be here every day. Life is wonderful here en Tarija la chura. :)

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Gauger

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