Tuesday, October 28, 2014

You Go Talk To Your Friends, Talk to My Friends, Talk to Me, EN ESPAƑOL POR FAVOR!

Email from October 28, 2014- Mexico MTC

Hola Familia y Amigos!

I am in LOVE with the Spanish language! If I could write this whole email in Spanish, I would but I can´t...yet and you wouldn´t understand anyway. So English will have to do! Alright, I totally get how people talk about their missions for their whole lives because I´ve only been here a week and I am FULL of stories!! But here´s what inquiring minds want to know about:

My Companion!
Hna. Rhees is 4 feet 11 and 3/4 inches of absolute wonderfulness. She´s from Heber City, Utah and I love her with all of my heart. Coolest thing about her is the following story. Grab your tissues folks, no seriously, this is awesome.... So the day before I left for the MTC, I got super sick and I posted in the "Many Are Called But Few Are Sisters" FB page. Hna. Rhees saw my post and told me "As soon as I saw that post, I set my phone down, knelt down on the ground and prayed for you. I felt such a strong need to pray for this girl who I didn´t even know and now here you are, my companion!" So to summarize, MY COMPANION WAS PRAYING FOR ME, JEN GAUGER, BEFORE SHE EVEN KNEW ME!! I am in absolute awe of how well Heavenly Father knows us and provides for us. 

My District!
Could there be more wonderful people on this earth?? Hna. Cheadle is from Minnesota and yes, I make her say "tapioca" all the time...I just love her accent! Hna. Segura is from Syracuse, Utah and I´m pretty sure she´s the athletic Utah version of me because we get along so well. And then we have Elders Schmidt, Christiansen, Nilsen, and Winward and I love them all. We all get along so well and make sitting in a classroom all day a total blast!! 

My Emotional Well-Being!
I have been on top of the world every moment that I have been here. I haven´t had any horrific "why am i here and why is this so hard" moments...yet. I know they may come but right now, I´m surrounded by lovely people who are supportive and infectiously enthusiastic! So I´m feeling great and safe and learning SO MUCH!

My Spanish!
If this email reaches the eyes of anyone who goes to Antelope High School, please go and give Senora Rodriquez a HUGE HUG for me! She was the best and the proof is in the fact that I know the most Spanish out of my whole district. Like, people come to me and ask for help. Did I ever see that day in my future? Absolutely not. But Heavenly Father has totally brought to my remembrance so much of what I learned so long ago and it has been an enormous blessing. Hna. Rhees has struggled quite a bit with the language but I´ve been trying really hard to help her realize that it will come and it totally will. I know it. 

The Food!
At first, it was okay but now I´m obsessed and I just eat everything. The worst thing I've eaten so far was meatballs in green sauce because by the sight and taste, I could not figure out what meat I was eating. Barfarama. I know. But everything else is delicious. We have those Magnum Ice Cream bars for dessert! I think of Mom every time. :) Also I think of Robert Wright III saying "sweet peaches" constantly because I literally eat 3 peaches a day. 

My Adventures!
We had a fluorescent light panel cover thingie, (I hope you can picture this) FALL FROM THE CEILING and miss the hermanas BY INCHES!!! We seriously could have been really hurt so we have to move classrooms now since that one has been deemed "unsafe" haha. Also I saw HERMANA UNDERLY and we totally sobbed! She left for the field this morning but I cannot even express what a tremendous blessing it was to see her familiar face each day of my first week and to feel of her beautiful love and spirit. I love that girlie so much. Reno, watch out! :) 

I feel bad saying this but I haven´t had time to miss you because I´m too busy working hard so that I can know Heavenly Father is blessing you for my service. I don´t need to worry about you guys because I know I´m supposed to be here in this place and at this time. But I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Seriously, I´m so so so grateful for the support, love, and prayers. They help and they mean so much more than you know. I love you!

Hermana Gauger :)

Hopped off the plane at LAX and was like wait where the heck is my terminal?????


And she's off... Hma. Gauger arrived at the Sacramento airport on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 around 5:45am ready to begin her adventures in the Mexico MTC. She had a quick layover in Los Angeles and then flew into Mexico City. We will miss her a lot, but this blog is a good way to stay connected with her and her missionary journey.

First email from her, Wednesday, October 22, 2014 @ 4:10pm:
I´m alive and I love you! My P-Day is Tuesday so I´ll talk to you in less than a week!!
Love, Hermana Gauger
PS having a nametag feels AMAZING! I already love this place!