Monday, August 3, 2015

Welcome, Welcome, Sabbath Morning [Filled With Miracles]

Email from Monday, August 3, 2015
Hey there everybody,

I think I say this every week but I just don't believe another week has gone by. And another month, we're in August ya! 

This week was a great week. Yesterday was easily one of my favorite days of my entire mission. It was just the most incredible day and I felt the spirit so strongly. We had so many investigators come to church for the first time and they all stayed for the full 3 hours. We even had a guy come up to us on Saturday in the street and he was like "What church are you guys from? When do you have your meetings?" And we invited him to come and I'll be honest, I lack a lot of faith when it comes to inviting contacts to come to church because they always seem super excited and then never come so I about fell out of my seat when 5 minutes before the meeting started, this guy walked into church! And then in Principios, he was reading scriptures and asking questions and it was just so awesome. Leo and Socima came too and Gimena, a lady that we're teaching that lives in the 2nd floor of our house, came with her 2 little girls and it was so awesome. Also a bunch of the less-actives that I used to teach before they changed the area limits came too and I don't think there was a happier missionary in all the world than me sitting there in the chapel surrounded by all these people that I've come to love so much and being able to feel the spirit so strong as we were all gathered together to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It was amazing. :)

This week, we had tramites which is like when we have to go and do paperwork and immigration stuff to get our Bolivian ID card thingie and it turns out that the lawyer came to Tarija to finish my paperwork while I was in the hospital in Santa Cruz and because there's all sorts of rules and time is a factor, the mission has to pay a fine for me living illegally in Bolivia for these 2 months...oops... 

But the good news is that the sun is finally coming out again and I don't have to sleep with 2 pairs of sweats and 5 blankets now. There's still a chance that it could get cold again this month but I made it through the coldest month...alive! 

Funny things this week..
-seeing a drunk guy in a BYU sweatshirt 
-my companion reading the Book of Mormon in English, I don't know how it's possible but she totally does an irish accent when she talks in English and it's my favorite thing ever.
-our district leader read us the story of Alma baptizing thousands of people and then super happy he said "Hermanas, do you believe we can baptize thousands?" and we were super excited and we were like "YES!" and then he was just like "hahahah...thanks for your faith, hermanas"

Anyway, things are great and I love being here. Next Sunday, we'll get the call for transfers and I can just feel it in my bones that I'll be leaving this area. If so, I'll be writing you from a new area and you can all trust that many tears will have been shed and a little piece of my heart will have been left here in Progreso. I was telling Hermana Monar that I feel like the Grinch because my heart is just expanding so much, way more than just 3 sizes and I don't know how it's even possible to love so much and yet I still have so much love for all of you back home. Hope all is well and that you're all finding joy in the journey and that the restored gospel is wonderful every day for each of you because it is truly wonderful to me. :)

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Gauger :)
 We may or may not have bought barbies in ropa Tarijeña...... 
Hermana Romero and I

 We went to the giant slide again...Hermana Monar was a huge fan...obviously

 Socima and Leo! Aka my favorite couple ever. They invited me to their
sealing too. :)

 Day of Bolivia is this Thursday and this is our ward practicing the
dance they're gonna do for the huge stake activity

Fotografia de la zona
 ANDALUZ! my zone! :)  
We're the greatest zone in the mission, don't tell the other zones that though. :) 

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