Monday, August 17, 2015

There is sunshine in my soul today

Email from Monday, August 17, 2015

Hey there!

Well it's official, Heavenly Father only sends me to the very best wards and He sends me the very best companions. I'm in Barrio Quaracal and it is the best! It turns out that this was the area of the zone leaders but they took them out and now there's only hermanas in this ward. (which is why it's full of miracles) We had to move into the house of the zone leaders and I am now petitioning for a new mission rule that hermanas shouldn't ever be forced to clean the houses of elders because this was the second time I had to do it and it was just as bad. Like...we should have had hazmat suits...I'll probably live my whole life wondering why boys are so gross..we have 3 bathrooms but there's one we can't even use even after we spent 14 HOURS cleaning the house. So we'll have to tackle that later today....please pray for me. 

Anyway, the news you've all been waiting for...who is the incredible missionary by my side 24/7 for the next 6 weeks? It'ssss....HERMANA WILSON! Yep, I've reached Training Level:Extreme...I'm training a gringa! She's from Highland, Utah and she's pretty much the greatest missionary ever. She has an insane memory with the area and she already knows our area well enough that while I'm fumbling with our map, she's running off to the appointment. She's so excited to work every day. Like during our district meeting, we were discussing our district goals and the district leader was like "what do you think will help us reach our goals, Hermana Wilson?" and since she's still super nervous about her Spanish, she turned to me and was like " do I say...give it all?" and she's seriously so ready to give it her all and dedicate her heart and soul to this work and these people. I love her so much already.

Our area is awesome and the elders left us a few families that we're working with and we should have quite a few weddings coming up in the near future. Not counting Breanna and Austin's which I cannot even believe still but Congrats to the two of them and I'll bring ya home a nice wedding gift from Bolivia even though you're planning your wedding purposely so I won't be there and no one will see my crazy dance moves. I'm not bitter though and you can still come to my wedding if I ever decide to come home and fulfill my part in God's plan to have a family. Haha seriously though, felicidades!

Anyway, things are awesome. Now that my house is clean, it's actually the nicest house in the mission. We have an elevator! And believe it or not..AIR CONDITIONING! I's unbelievable. We can only use it an hour a day though hahaha. But things are fabulous. Wishing you all the best back home and especially a veeeerrryyy happy birthday to my favorite nephew with a birthday this week...Stinky Pete, live it up for your aunt this week and tell your mom to write me! Sending lots of love to Annabelle, Lincoln and Peter this week because they're the best niece and nephews I've ever had. :)

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Gauger
 Here is a fun pic from what the elders left behind. 
Hermana Wilson has all our pics together and forgot her camera cord so next week I will have pics.

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