Monday, April 27, 2015

Choose the Right When A Choice is Placed Before You...Even After Your Mission

Email from Monday, April 27, 2015

Family and friends,
It´s officially been 6 months since I saw your beautiful faces in person and graced you all with my presence in the United States of America. I can not believe that nor did I want to celebrate it in any way this week. I can´t imagine ever leaving this country or these people. But I learned a lot this week about the type of person I want to be when they force me to return to a land of potable water and carpeted floors.

This week, we had the baptism of Daniela Garnica and she´s just so great. Seriously, she bore her testimony during the baptismal service and said "I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church because I have prayed so hard and I have studied the Book of Mormon and especially through fasting, God has answered my prayers, my questions and my doubts. And because He answered me, I am here today being baptized because I know it´s true.¨ It brought tears to my eyes to see such a transformation in this sweet girl. Some of her siblings are members but she never wanted to receive the missionaries because she had a loser boyfriend who was quite the jerk-face (loser boyfriends are the worst, if you or someone you know is struggling with this serious disease, go immediately to the Lord and get help) but once she dropped him, she could feel the influence of the spirit in her life and change completely to begin a new life. I LOVE THIS WORK! Nothing feels better than seeing someone you love change their life and experience true happiness.

I am halfway done with the Book of Mormon in Spanish! How crazy is that? I am loving it more and more and more every day when I read and study. Seriously, I think Alma 31 is my new favorite chapter. (Tomorrow Alma 32 will be my favorite because I love them all so much). It´s the healthiest obsession I have. :)

This week, unfortunately, I had quite a few bad experiences with returned missionaries in our ward and it broke my heart. How people can serve the Lord for 18 months or 2 years and then go back to being the same person or forget all that they have felt, learned, and testified is something that I will just not understand with my mortal brain. I learned a lot about who I am becoming and how this mission experience should change every aspect of who I am, what I want in life, and who I want to share my life with. I honestly don´t know what kind of wife or mother I would be if I wasn´t here serving the Lord during this time. I´ve grown so much in my expectations and desires for my future family and I am learning and changing every single day to reach my divine potential and become who Heavenly Father wants me to be.

  • this week I had my trĂ¡mites (I tried for 3 days to think of the word in English but yeah...I have no idea) and they had to do blood tests and my arm is still all bruised and swollen. (see picture) I could share more details about what it´s like to get your blood drawn in a Bolivian clinic but it´s more important to note that surprisingly, it didn´t give me any diseases (that I know of....just kidding, Mom, I´m healthy!)
  • this little girl came up to me and the following conversation took place (in Spanish obviously)
Her: "Do you speak?"
M:Uhh yes
H:Say something!!
M:Uh...I speak english
H:GASP (approximately 7 seconds of silence) ¡QUE CHARLA! (translation: whoa you´re the coolest person of all time and I want to be as awesome and intelligent as you) 
Then she wanted me to say a million words in English and I just wish I could show you all the face of this girl who seriously acted like I was healing the blind or causing the lame to walk. It was pretty marvelous.
  • lightning storms happen alllllllll the time and I just try not to remember that Dad made me read about how many people die each year from them.  
Things are as fabulous as ever here and I just sincerely love every minute. Time passes so fast so we gotta make the most of each moment. I´m so happy to be here and I wouldn´t want to be anywhere else. Hope you all feel the same with whatever´s happening in your lives and if no, change your ways. It´s never too late to become the person God wants you to be and receive His promised blessings. 
 Sending you all love and blessings from the heart of South America!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Gauger :)

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Injuries from trying to be legal in Bolivia 

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