Monday, April 13, 2015

Oh It Is Wonderful That He Should Care For Me Enough to Die For Me

Email from Monday, April 13, 2015
Hello, hello, hello!
Guess who is going to DOMINATE her Spanish accent this transfer?? It´s me. And my new companion is going to DOMINATE her English! Yep, I have a new companion and she´s pretty great. Introducing...Hermana Pérez, from Chile. And you probably won´t believe it but she is also going home at the end of this transfer. Yep, in mission slang I am "killing off" another companion. This makes 3 out of 4... But she´s really awesome, her English is awesome, she´s just nervous to speak so we´re already helping each other out a lot with the language. I understand everything at this point and I can speak it, I just don´t want to sound like a white girl anymore. hahah. She was working in the same ward as me before so we knew each other already and she also served in my old area so we have tons to talk about along with a ton of things to do because my area got closed so we´re combining our 2 areas with all of the people we were teaching before and it´s a lot of work. Especially since we´re still homeless.
Let me just say, searching for a house in Bolivia is nothing like House Hunters International and it is way harder than finding new investigators. We searched and searched and saw a lot of places but there´s pretty much nothing in our area. So right now it looks like we´ll be moving into a new house with the hermanas who serve in a different ward in the Center part of Tarija (where all the tourists go and it´s so weird to see other white people). It´s super far but it´s the only safe and probable option. The house is sooooooo nice and if we move in this week (fingers crossed) I´ll send pics!
This week, we had normal church! It was so awesome. 2 weeks without the sacrament is too long! It was such a great Sunday and we learned a lot about the Atonement in Gospel Principles. It hit me so hard during the lesson that my debt to God is so huge and yet Jesus Christ paid the debt and all He asks is that I keep His commandments and remember Him. The law of justice and the power of mercy are satisfied only in and through the Atonement of Christ and I am so gratfeul for that every single day. I LOVE sharing that message with everyone! The more I study, the more I love this gospel and my Savior and the more I want to share it. Also, I memorized the Living Christ in Spanish! I´m kind of obsessed with how beautiful it is and I encourage everyone to take the time to read it this week!
Things are fantastic here in a country where everyone is just so full of love and a desire to serve and help others. Im so happy that I´ll be here in Progreso until at least the end of June! Which means we´ll be turning 20 in Tarija! :D
  • not sure if you´re all understanding the dog crisis here, there are some streets that ALWAYS have at least 10 dogs and no matter where you are, there is never silence because you can ALWAYS hear dogs barking or fighting or howling...always.... #soundsofBolivia
  • I´ve given up on my real name and I don´t even try anymore, in Bolivia, I am Hermana Gow-gerh...not sure if by reading that, you understand but I´ll just tell ya in a MONTH when we skype!
News: Bolivia won´t accept any packages from any private mailing systems (fedex/ups) or anything over 2kg. So don´t send that please because it will enter Bolivia and it will stay in a post office forever and ever and I will never ever receive it. So yeah, let´s avoid causing problems and just send me awesome little things, if you so desire. :)

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Gauger :)
 The Bolivian version of Chokis....just as addicting :) 

 Saying goodbye to my twin, Hna. Ellison

 A celeb shot of her leaving me behind

 Hna Pérez and I on our first Sunday,

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