Monday, April 20, 2015

Called To Serve Him...Far and Wide His LOVE Proclaim

Email from Monday, April 20, 2015
Faaaamily and friends,
How are you all doing? Things are fabulous here! This week was great. I have a home! Well...sort of. I´m living in a super nice apartment in the center of Tarija but it is so far from our area that the assistants said we can only live here for a month until we find a house in our area so we´re still just praying for that. But I decided I´m never going to move again after my mission and I also never want to live with a boy ever after I saw the house of the zone leaders and almost threw up. So Mom and Dad, I know you miss me right now but don´t worry, I will never leave you again. :)
This week we had our zone conference with President Willard and I had to watch another one of my companions go up and give her final testimony (it doesn´t get easier by the way) and I had to speak again (this makes 3/5 where I had to speak) and then we also had stake conference with the presence of Elder Balderrama and he´s now my second favorite Area Seventy (we all know the Bassett family is #1 en mi coraz√≥n) and I just had a ton of learning opportunities this week. 
One thing that President Willard said that hit me so hard was that we are often like birds who go to school to learn to fly and then walk home. I think it hit me hard because the guilty taketh the truth to be hard. How many goals do we all set during general conference or big spiritual events and then we go on doing the exact same things and we don´t ever progress or apply what we learn? Okay maybe the rest of you are perfect and it´s just me but I´m super guilty of this and any one who knows me knows how much I love lists and goals and how much I lack diligence. But I´m working on it, little by little! 
  • this week involved a lot of bug incidents, like a butterfly attacking us in the night, mosquito bites on my face, killing a bug on my face and another on my shirt and it got blood all over my white shirt
  • at stake conference, we decided to move seats to sit next to an old man who was all alone and when we sat down, he got right up and moved seats so that he could be alone, (not everyone loves the missionaries :))
I read "It Isn´t A Sin To Be Weak" in the April 2015 Liahona this week along with "The Gift of Grace" by President Uchtdorf from this past conference and oh my goodness, I am forever changed. I always feel like such a sinner when I fall short but in reality, I´m just weak. It was so humbling to read that and it gave me so much help that I needed. I´m just weak and I need the grace of God to do things beyond my mortal capacity. And it´s possible because He loves me. He doesn´t want us to repent and go back to who we were, He wants me to become like Him and CHANGE and IMPROVE.So I´m working on being more patient with myself and others and learning to rely on the merits of Christ. I´m so glad that I´m here as a servant of God to proclaim His love and His gospel. The greatest manifestation of His love is the atoning sacrifice of His son and I get to share that every single day here. I LOVE IT!

Thanks for all the love and support. I love you guys so much!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Gauger
 P-day hot dogs

 The view from my new house window

Tiny doors at adobe houses

 A snapshot of my area and proof that I´m serving 
in the most beautiful mission. :)

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