Monday, June 15, 2015

O My Father, Thou That Dwellest in California

Email from Monday, June 15, 2015

Dear Family and Loved Ones and Blog Stalkers,

I'm alive and well and finally feeling better! Just got that type of cough that lasts like forever but I'm able to go out and work and invite people to come unto Christ and I'm super stoked about that. This week, I decided that with Father's Day being this Sunday, I would dedicate this email to my earthly father who is quite frankly the best dad I've ever had on this earth. (Mom, don't feel too bad, you got to skype me on Mother's Day:))

This morning, I was reading in Helaman and I found the perfect scripture to describe how I feel about all that Dad has taught me in Helaman 5:13 which says "And it came to pass that these were the words which Randy taught to his daughters; yea he did teach them many things which are not written, and also many things which are written." Pretty much everything I've written here on this blog have been things that my awesome Dad taught me and even more and now that I'm in the mission, I feel like the scripture in Helaman 5:14 "And she remembered his words; and therefore she went forth, keeping the commandments of God, to teach all the people of Bolivia, beginning at the city of Tarija".

Words really can't express the impact that my dad has had on the person I am today. From the time I was a little girl, I always was waking up early on Saturday morning to go clean the church building and then buy winco donuts and return in time to watch whatever sports game was on that day which actually meant that I would pretend to pay attention to the sport until Dad fell asleep for his Saturday morning nap and I could watch what I wanted. He taught me the importance of family scripture study when he woke us all up at 6am and made us gather in the family room to sleep until it was our turn to read. We were never perfect daughters and he was never a perfect dad but we sure learned a lot together and we continue helping each other grow. When I made the decision to serve a mission, I don't think anyone was as happy as my dad who did everything he could to help me prepare, even giving me the temple prep classes for our family home evening lessons and then taking me all over California and Utah to do sessions in 18 different temples. I can't think of any better way to learn the importance of temple worship than to have seen the sacrifices my dad made to visit the temple with me as often as possible and to talk with me afterward about the significance of all the covenants we make in the temple. I think I'm just rambling at this point but I hope I've conveyed to all who are reading this what an awesome guy my dad is.

The most important thing he's done for me is teach by his example the relationship I have with my heavenly father and show me a portion of the love that my Heavenly Father has. By knowing and loving my earthly father, I've been able to better understand and appreciate all that my Heavenly Father does for me.

So if you've been as blessed as I have with an awesome dad, go hug him and tell him how great he is. If your dad isn't so wonderful, thank him for trying at least to be as great as Randy Gauger. If your dad isn't around or never tried, go pray and thank your Heavenly Father for being so great because He loves and knows you even better than your earthly father.

I just wanted to mention 2 other scriptures that have helped me so much to appreciate my earthly father in Alma 36:17 and Enos 1:3 because the words that my father taught me about Jesus Christ, eternal life, and the joy of the saints have sunk so deep in my heart and have helped shape who I am today and who I am becoming. This letter also wouldn't be complete without a very special shout out to the woman who's been by my father's side for almost 34 years now, my mom is also incredible and her example has meant so much to me as well as I've been working out here like the 2,000 stripling warriors, never doubting because my mom always knew it. :)

Anyway, I just love my parents a whole lot and I want y'all to know how great they are and how special they are to me. Happy Father's Day to all you current and future fathers out there. :)

Things in Bolivia are as amazing as ever and super COLD! Also a little upset still that I don't know the metric system or how to tell temperature in celsius because my parents never taught me that but I'm still grateful for all that they did teach me and for the awesome packages I received from them this week! Hna Monar is also grateful for the american candy :)

I love you all! Have a great week!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Gauger
 Birthday Pizza!

 Also me with my cake that my pensionista made for me. Sorry I look so terrible, I was still really sick in this photo. The tradition is after you blow out the candle and make a wish, you take a bite out of the cake. Normally someone slams your face into the cake but everyone had pity on me because I was sick so I only got a little bit of cake on my face hahah. By the way....not all cake is created equal and I'm excited to one day eat normal American cake again.

  And a darling hermana we visit who can't go to church because she can't walk very well. She also only speaks quechua and a little bit of Spanish so it's always a hoot and a half to visit her and we wash her laundry sometimes. She's so precious. :)

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