Monday, June 22, 2015

I Heard the Bells on Christmas June

Email from Monday, June 22, 2015 

Dear Family and Friends,

It´s really hard to believe that another week has passed by and that I´m here again writing you. This week, I learned a lot which means that it was a good week even if it didn´t turn out the way I thought I wanted. But God sure is teaching me a lot this transfer. Things are good h ere and I´m just grateful for every moment whether it be difficult, awesome, or whatever.

Things are great with Hermana Monar, she´s helping me a lot to recognize my faults and weaknesses. Like how terribly impatient I am and how awful I am at expressing appreciation and love. BUT she´s helping me a lot with her amount of patience with me. And I think I´m improving a bit. I have the goal to serve her every day and make sure she feels my love all the time.

I heard that Mom and Dad aren´t going to Girl´s Camp this year so it´s official, the family is falling apart without me. So don´t worry Antelope Stake, next year, all will be back in order and I´m willing to be the first 20 year old Stake Camp Director….hahah just kidding, that´s all Sis Weaver but seriously..I will be there…whatever it takes. :)

This week, I just wanted to bear my testimony with y’all on something extremely important. The Law of Chastity. I know this might seem weird but I just felt inspired to share how important and fundamental this commandment is for all of us. Seriously the majority of the problems that I have seen and the sorrow I have felt and seen in the lives of the people I talk with each day are the result of not living the law of chastity. On the other hand, the happiest people I have met are those who have lived the law of chastity or rather, waited to enter into the bonds of marriage in order to have intimate relationships and then remained faithful and loyal to their spouse in every way. I don´t know if words can really express how much living this commandment will bless you and your future family in so many ways. I know it´s true because I´ve lived it and I´ve seen it in the lives of so many. If you have any questions, check out which can explain a little more about the blessings that come or ask me and I can write a novel about my personal experiences and the experiences I have seen in my life and there´s no way you´ll not be converted to want to live chastely.

Anyway, I realized I have forgotten about my #justBoliviathings for a while now so here´s a few for you guys.
  •  Today I was showering when a mosquito flew by and without even thinking, I took off my flip-flop (you have to wear flip-flops in the shower because disease and fungus an d whatnot) and I just whacked it mid-air, put my flip-flop back on and finished washing my hair as I thought to myself “Just a normal shower in Bolivia”
  • If ya check out the June Liahona, the article “Families Can Be Together Forever”, there´s a picture of an adorable Bolivian couple walking towards the Cochabamba temple. It’s so precious and the temple is like the most beautiful of all time
  • Right now, I´m writing this entire email in Microsoft Word because it´s been 43 minutes and my email still hasn´t opened. Hoping that I´ll at least get  a chance to send this to you guys.
  • It´s so cold here that I did something crazy. I bought a turtleneck sweater and even crazier, I wore it. I know…who am I? I don´t know, it´s just so cold and everyone here wears them and I only know Bolivia Fashion now so I´m over here wearing turtleneck sweaters and mixing all my blacks and browns to stay warm but I´m happy and warm and all is well.
  • This week is June 25th and with all the cold weather, I´m feeling like it should be Christmas so this week, I have declared Christmas in June and Hermana Monar are only singing Christmas hymns and we decorated the house for Christmas and we´re going to have Christmas pancakes and everything. In the misiĆ³n, it´s the Little things. :)

Also shout out to Shelby, Megan, and Jacob for their handwritten letters. They arrived last week and I was super happy. Thanks for the extra oomph of effort, it´s very much appreciated! You guys rock. 

Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone and that your internet is a lot better than mine. Have an awesome week! I love you!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Gauger
P.S. I don´t know if I´m going to have time to send pics because I just got my email to open and I have exactly 18 minutes now...oh Bolivia.

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