Monday, May 18, 2015

Have I Cheered Up the Sad and Made Someone Feel Glad?

Email from Monday, May 18, 2015
Buenos Días a todos!
I sure hope this email finds you all happy and healthy and full of energy. Because that´s how I´m feeling hoy día. All is well here in Tarija and it´s tranfers week! (Not quite sure how that´s possible because this was the fastest 6 weeks of my whole life but whatever...)
This week was pretty good, as in, so good that I´m sitting here thinking really really hard about what happened and I can´t really remember anything...oops. But we had an activity last Monday with the hermanas in our zone and we went to this park that has a giiiiiiaaaannnnttt billboard of the Pope (sorry I didn´t take pictures because I had a very mature moment when I thought to myself "If this was a billboard of President Monson, would I want nuns taking silly pictures to send to their families? Mm...bettah not") but we still took a bajillion photos because we´re still young adult women who love taking pictures haha. So you can enjoy those!
This morning, I was studying Alma 48 about the example of Moroni and I feel like a new person for having studied it. I´ll admit that in my English scriptures next to this chapter, I have written "husband qualities" but now that I´m a little bit more humble, I have written in my Spanish scriptures "Qualities to Develop" because I can´t expect to marry someone awesome if I don´t at least work to become awesome myself. Plus that whole marriage thing is in the distant future and right now, TODAY is the day to strive to be a little better and change a little something so that in that distant future day, I´m a little bit more like my Savior and ready to marry someone with that same goal.
But for right now I´m just a simple, single, sister missionary doing simple things each day to make a simple difference in a very very complex world. I hope each of you recognize your small part in this world has a very large influence and can make a big difference. I hope that today we do more than dream of our mansion above but we reach out and do something today to help someone, even if it means helping our future self. If not, we have failed indeed.
This week, I´ll be sending my darling Hermana Pérez home to her casa in Chile and I´m only a little bit emotional...okay...a lot...but I feel so infinitely grateful for having had such fabulous companions in my whole mission. Seriously, i´m so blessed. :) Can´t wait to see who the Lord had prepared to be my next companion! :) I´ll send pics next week! Also we might have found a house in our area so updates on that are coming your way in 7 days. I LOVE YOU ALL! (even the blog stalkers)
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Gauger :)

What fruit is in season....oh definitely the orange, manderin, and tangerine....
because we receive them from EVERYONE

 Uhm this rat looking thing is a fruit apparently but it tastes like dirt and I hope it doesn´t exist in the states...
(Hna.Gauger received a package from her parents that they sent in March)
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