Monday, March 2, 2015

Miracles Happen MORE THAN Once In A While

Email from Monday, March 2, 2015
Hello beautiful family and friends,

This email´s coming to you straight from...TARIJA! Yep, it happened. I got transferred! Now I´m in Progreso, Tarija with the lovely and incredible Hermana Ellison! And she´ll be headed to a city near you at the end of this transfer! She´s from FOLSOM, CA! How crazy is that?! She finishes her mission this transfer so I´ll at least be here for one more transfer.

But my area is BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, I feel like I´m in a different world here. It´s a lot different from Santa Cruz but it feels more like Bolivia to me. I love it! And the weather is so nice! It feels just like home. It´s warm but there´s always a cool breeze and there´s no humidity! It´s such a great change.

This week, I saw about a bajillion and one miracles. Seriously, this was such a great week. We started teaching a 19 year old girl who has been to church twice with her aunt and she´s seriously so prepared! She has a baptism date for the 14th of March and she´s going to be such a great member, already everyone in the YSA class loves her. We´re also going to have a wedding! Teodora is a less active and she´s going to get married to Marcelo who´s our investigator and then her son is going to get baptized. I love teaching families because now we´ll have the 2 baptisms of Marcelo and their son Jair and then we´ll rescue Teodora. It´ll be so awesome!

One of the coolest miracles though was that Hna Ellison saw the name of a less active in our area book and felt we should go visit her but we didn´t have a very specific address so we went to where we thought it was and we knocked on a couple doors and asked people but nobody knew her. We decided to pray so we could find her and then we went and knocked on a few more doors and no one answered. So we were standing there on the corner unsure of what to do when at the exact same time, Hna Ellison and I see that above one of the houses, there´s writing on the wall and IT SAYS THE LADY´S NAME! It was seriously like Heavenly Father answered our prayers by saying "Okay I´ll let you find her but it´ll be a little bit more time until you can meet with her" It was just so cool!

I love love love being a missionary! Its the best. This week, I grew so much and Hermana Ellison is just such a great example. We´re going to have an awesome time together this transfer, I just know it! I think this week was one of my favorite weeks of my whole mission because I really felt like I was giving my all, totally focusing on the work, and following the Spirit in every moment. I just love that.

As far as #justBoliviathings
  • everyone secretly wants to make you fat
  • if you say you have a small stomach, they take that as a challenge to stretch it out
  • we say "no ve" after almost every sentence
  • here in Tarija, we don´t have any supermarkets like we have in Santa Cruz, it´s just people on the side of the road selling stuff
  • Tarija is famous for it´s grapes and peaches and it´s the season for both of those so we eat peaches and grapes like every single day

Thanks for all your love and prayers! I feel the power every day. I love being here!

Con mucho amor, Hermana Gauger

           My new house! It´s super nice, I even have a kitchen!

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