Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Then Sings My Soul, My God, How Great Thou Art

Email from Monday, February 23, 2015
Hello Family, Friends, and Blog-Stalkers,

It´s been so long that I´m not sure if you guys even remember who I am or what I´m doing but I´m still Hermana Gauger and I´m still loving every moment serving the Lord in Santa Cruz, Bolivia! 

I have no idea where to begin because SO MUCH has happened in these 2 weeks! Carnaval was actually not too bad, it was actually really awesome to have so much time to study, learn, and watch every single video the church has ever made......haha no but seriously, I learned so much! Not to mention that we had a conference with President and Hermana Willard the Friday before Carnaval that literally changed my life forever. I cannot even explain it but let me tell ya, personal revelation, it is so real! Heavenly Father knows us perfectly and He answers our prayers ALWAYS.

I saw some truly, truly incredible miracles this week and I honestly could hardly believe it. Heavenly Father has blessed us so much in this work and I´m so humbled by His mighty blessings. This week, we had awesome support from the members which equals miracles, pretty much because MEMBERS ARE SO IMPORTANT in this work. I´ve secretly grown to despise the phrase "missionary work" because it´s the WORK OF SALVATION! Aka we are talking about the eternal consequences of our life here and our salvation is at stake. And that alone should inspire every one of us who loves our friends and family to SHARE THE GOSPEL! Seriously, go share the gospel today with someone or call your local missionaries and ask how you can help. 

This week is going to be transfer week and I have NO IDEA what´s going to happen. All I know is that during our conference with President, he called me out of the conference, like, only me, out of all the missionaries, and he just wanted to chat with me and he gave me a lot of advice and then said "I don´t know the transfers yet but I want you to feel prepared for the responsibilities that may be coming your way next week" so yeah.......we´ll wait and see what happens this Wednesday

Gracias a Carnaval, I have about a bajillion #justBoliviathings to share with y´all this week
  • first, Carnaval = Mardi Gras...the last chance to sin and party before lent but here they celebrate by dancing, drinking, and throwing paint and water on everything and everyone in the street, there´s literally no respect....even for a poor little sister missionary like me who got a BUCKET OF WATER dumped on me in the street yesterday (yesterday is Carnavalito aka the celebration of the end of Carnaval) and then I got pelted with water balloons by jovenes...but surprisingly enough, I didn´t cry, I just kept walking with my head held high and then we took a selfie because we were soaking wet and I was just laughing so hard because this is such a #JenGaugerProb
  • We waited 40 minutes for our micro to show up the other day and in that time, I got the worst sunburn of my mission aaaaand a man showed up selling baby chicks in a bag. 
  • we saw a dead rat fully intact in the beginning of the day and by the end of the day, flies had eaten all of the insides of it-fortunately enough for you guys, Hna Mejia didn´t let me take a picture of it
  • I watched a dog eat a poopy diaper that was on the side of the road
  • here, the doctors write your prescription on a piece of paper and then the pharmacy fills it but sometimes they can´t read the handwriting and you end up with the wrong medicine....oops...but it´s all good now and my verruga is improving! 
  • I hate dogs more and more every single day

These 2 weeks were probably the most rollercoaster-type days of my mission. On one hand, I had some of the greatest moments so far but on the other hand, I also had my first night where I was just crying in my bed. The mission is like that sometimes. But it´s so comforting to know that each new day is a new chance to do our best and try to be a little better. I can testify that Christ truly is the difference in our making our efforts come to pass. I am so so so grateful for the Atonement and before my mission, I heard a lot of people tell me that I would understand the Atonement more on my mission than ever before in my life and I didn´t know what they meant. I thought they meant that I would have more time to study so I would learn more but nope, it´s so much more than that. As a representative of Jesus Christ, you truly gain additional abilities to learn and understand more. Man, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. And I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and the chance I have to share it. 

I love you all!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Gauger
 Raw meat, awkward lessons in the street while sitting on a rock.

Conference time!
After we "celebrated carnaval" with a member who´s headed on her mission in June

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