Monday, February 9, 2015

God Be With You ´Til I Write Again

Email from Monday, February 9, 2015
Dearly beloved, I will not be writing to you again until Febuary 23...I know, sad day. But it´s because of the dumbest holiday of all time....carnaval. I have to be in my house for  THREE DAYS STRAIGHT studying and trying not to die. Wish me luck. We can´t leave because it´s super dangerous and everyone´s drunk and being ridiculous in the streets. So yeah, I´ll try to make this email awesome.

First, happy birthday shout outs to Danielle Clark and Breanna Scott! Go party it up and eat a cupcake for me! 

Second, I think I could talk about this week of my mission for the rest of my life because so much happened!  #justBoliviathings
  • I went to the hospital! And yes, Mom, I am totally fine now. I didn´t want to admit it but you people need to know the real facts of mission life....I had.....a....beruga....which being translated means....a wart.... que verqüenza, no ve? but it´s true.  they´re super normal in the mission (so they say) so I went to get it removed and the doctor was just texting while he explained stuff to me in Spanish that I didn´t understand while I was sitting on a hospital bed in the emergency room in Bolvia. But yeah, he didn´t have the stuff to do it that day so I have to go to the dermatologist this week for my wart. Ew. I know.
  • I was attacked by a dog! Luckily it only bit my skirt and would have completely yanked it off but even more luckily I had just eaten 2 pieces of pan con harina so my skirt was a little snug in that moment *tender mercy*
  • I was attacked by a drunk man....okay not attacked but this morning when we were walking to take a micro to come write our lovely families, a drunk man had like a pole/stick thing in his hand and he totally whacked me with it while I was crossing the street, it was just my arm though and  it hardly left a mark
  • we had the worst thunderstorm of my life this week and I couldn´t even sleep because it was so loud so I was just laying in my bed  from 2-3am, it was the worst
  • we´re teaching a lady that has 2 little boys and we visited them this week and one asked us if we live in heaven. When we said no, he was very confused because he said he thought we were angels. It was so sweet! 

But on the spiritual side of things, this week I fell in love with the Book of Mormon again...okay that happens every d ay I guess. But seriously, I  am learning SO MUCH. My soul delights in the words of the Book of Mormon :)

This week, I read  2 Nephi 9 and found  53 references to Jesus Christ. There might be more, but still! It seriously is another testament of Jesus Christ and through it , we can know more about Him and His teachings and truly have a relationship with Him. I´ve seen so many miracles in my short time out here and I´ve already lost count of how many prayers have been answered, even the small and simple  desires of my heart have been answered before I even had a chance to pray. God knows us perfectly and loves us individually. He is waiting to bless us.

I won´t be able to write next week so I want to leave you with something special, and the most special thing I have here with me is my testimony.
I know that God lives and loves us. I know He hears and answers our prayers. I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and that it is only in and through His Atoning sacrifice that we can be made clean and whole. I know He under stands us perfectly. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church of God with the fulness of His gospel. I know that Joseph Smith really saw God the Father and His son. Jesus Christ and that through the prophet Joseph Smith, the gospel was restored for our day. I know we have a living prophet today to guide us and help us know what God wants for us. I know that Thomas S Monson is that prophet on the earth today. I know with all my heart that this gospel is true and that it is taught simply and perfectly through the Book of Mormon which is the word of God just like the Bible. I know miracles happen according to our faith and that evidence of God´s love is everywhere. I testify of all these things as a representative of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

 Con mucho amor,
Hermana Gauger

P.S. I got the cutest Christmas card ever from my adorable family! And a package came today that was sent at the beginning of January (box from Dad, haven´t opened it yet) and the Antelope Stake Juniors will be getting a letter from me soon (and by soon I mean 7 weeks because this is Bolivia) but I´m going to write my reply during my jail time-err..I mean my p-day in the house during carnaval )
 Family Photo of me with Hna Hall, Hna Mejia, and Hna Zapata 
-Hna Zapata trained Hna Mejia and then Hna Mejia trained Hna Hall and now me we´re one big family!
 Lots of juices and drinks come in bags. We just bite off the corner and bam! The most delicious chocolate milk ever

 I was walking and a caterpillar fell on me after I hit my head on a tree branch.... #tallgirlprobs
 Hna Crandall and I during our exchanges this week. 
We got lost and some stories need to be told in person in 14.5 months....

 We celebrated Hna Mejia´s one year in the mission with some french fries. 
It´s a cumple mes thing and then the other hermanas got mini pizzas for us!

 We also had  the birthday of our investigator this week and they invited us for cake 
and of was strawberry....we can´t eat I ate around them and it was so delicious! 

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