Monday, March 23, 2015

Faith is Believing and Trusting In God

Email from Monday, March 23, 2015

Family and friends!
I hope this email finds you all wearing pastels, eating Peeps, and enjoying the first few days of Spring! If anyone sends me any of those Reeses might make it to my list of favorite people ever...just saying. ;)
This week was fabulous! (Every week here is fabulous because the mission is the greatest thing ever) but seriously I don´t even know what to say! We had a wedding! We had 2 baptisms! We had countless miracles and the companionship of the Spirit! I completed 5 months and I didn´t cry about that even though I wanted to because time flies by too fast and I kid you not, I just got here like yesterday and I still know nothing!
The baptism was SO special and reverent. Honestly, I´ve never felt the spirit so strong during an entire baptism service and the coolest thing was that a ton of people came and only like 5 were members from the ward. There was a ton of friends of Marcelo and Teo that came that have never ever entered a church building in their life and then they got to witness their friend take this huge step to follow Jesus Christ and it was SO BEAUTIFUL! Ahhhh I loved it. And then that night, they had their wedding reception and we totally turned it into the best finding opportunity ever (picture to come :)) and even though we only went for like 10 minutes to take some pictures and get some food and we couldn´t dance to the wonderful TarijeƱa music, it was the best reception ever. I think I´m a little bit biased because I was just so filled with love for this couple and I was just thinking about how I can work it out to go to their sealing in a year...(okay I probably won´t get to go but they totally will and thats what matters most).
This week passed by so fast, they keep going faster and faster and I´m not very happy about that. I like being able to say that I´ll still be here this time next year but I can´t say that for much longer. Yikes. I can´t even think about it. One day they´ll force me to go home and I´ll be so happy to see you all and to take a Sunday nap but I can already tell it´s going to be rough. But until that point, I just get to keep working in the best job in the world that pays me in ways that are so much more valuable than money. Almost every girl in our YSA class here wants to serve a mission and it´s so awesome. I know that it´s not our obligation and I know it´s not right for some people but I cannot imagine my life without being here. Just like Elder Holland said, "My mission meant everything to me in my life" and I feel like that too. Best decision I ever made and I´m so grateful for all the support I had from all of you to make it here!
Also, I had so many moments this week where I just thought to myself "Oh Bolivia, I love you so much" so now for this weeks #justBoliviathings
  • We were walking along the road when a dog that was literally possessed by Satan* came out of nowhere and nearly attacked us, my natural instinct was to sacrifice my companion and so I hid behind her and she almost had to whack it with her Book of Mormon but it calmed down or we left, I don´t even remember, the adrenaline was going too strong
  • We helped our recent convert´s mom prepare the food for "sopa poderosa" and I´m just gonna let you guys look up what that is because I can´t even....
  • Tarija has a huge problem with drunk people (not scary or harmful ones, just really drunk and really sad mostly, we have them come up to us crying all the time) but to counter this problem and make sure they don´t become scary or harmful, we have little police women that walk around and keep an eye on the drunk people and they blow a little whistle so everyone knows they´re nearby and it´s the only type of whistle I like to hear here and they´re just the sweetest ladies ever
  • Saw a cow head at the market (picture to come)
  • I ate 8 chicken legs in this weekend alone....seriously....I have probably eaten a whole farm full of chickens already. There{s always a chicken leg in the soup and then we go and eat another chicken leg with much chicken..
Also it has come to my attention that people actually read these things and it´s even reached people that will be joining me here in the near future so I´ll try and remember to give a few quick tips each week. 
#BSCmissionhacks (Bolivia Santa Cruz)
  • elastic skirts! I can´t say it enough! I´ll be real with ya my weight has been so crazy here and I've gained and lost and gained and lost and I don´t even know what happens but the thing is that if you have all elastic skirts, you won´t even worry about it so do that, please. You will thank me that you can always wear all of your skirts!
I just love being here, not sure how many times I can say that. It´s just the best! I love you and hope all is well!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Gauger
*This blog contains only my thoughts and expressions and is not official doctrine. It also contains multiple misuses of the word "literally" a disculpar :)

 **Bolivia computers are the worst. I´m having connection problems again so you'll have to wait another 7 days to see the  beautiful Tarija and our wedding and baptism :( Sorryyyyyy! I LOVE YOU!!! Have a great week!

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