Monday, December 29, 2014

The Year Is Dying, Let It Die, Ring Out Wild Bells

Email from Monday, December 29, 2014

Luckily, that song isn´t in the Spanish hymnbook so I was not tortured by it this year! But I still had a moment of silence for all of you Mormon Americans who suffered through the only hymn written in minor key. Sorry folks!

But Anyway, this week was Christmas?! I still don´t believe that even happened. That I got to see my awesome fambam and share some special time with them on that special day. Surprisingly, I wasn´t an emotional wreck afterward. I just felt so grateful to even have a family and then to get to talk to them, what a blessing!

So I finished the Book of Mormon this week and convienently, it´s still true. :) And I made the decision to begin it again...IN SPANISH! It´s totally helping me with my language abilities already and I kind of like it more because it´s like discovering it all over again. Yeah, it takes some time but it´s time well spent to get so much out of it! I hope you all are making the Book of Mormon part of your daily study!

Also, family, you should know that I sacrificed myself for our Skype call because the lady´s house where we called from had about 12 trillion mosquitos and I currently have around 40 mosquito bites on my body. It is.....THE WORST. So I had to start taking Vitamin B in addition to my daily lathering of the strongest bug spray on the planet.

As for this week´s edition of #justBoliviathings which are things that I now consider normal that may make you people shudder a bit....
  • my "dead things in the street" count continues to rise...dogs, cats, rats, snake, 3 men which were probably just drunk but I couldn´t see their chest moving so...who knows
  • trash here doesn´t go in a can that you take out to the street once a week, but there´s just metal baskets on the side of the road where people throw things and then the wind blows it out and that´s why the trash problem remains unsolved
  • we don´t flush our toilet paper, I know my family and some of you know that but for those of you who are learning this info for the first time, yep. it´s true.
  • I cross a freeway every day to get to my area each day and every time I have to go to the church. I would probably never ever do that in the states but here, it´s just kind of my life and we just run fast
  • we walk pretty much everywhere but our area is GIANT so sometimes we have to take the micro, I am as tall as the that´s always fun. :) It´s the only time I feel like a giant.
On the spiritual and in my opinion most important side,

We had our Christmas conference this week with over half of our mission and it was glorious. Seriously, I don´t even know how I lived without all the knowledge I gained this week. And I got surprise called out of the congregation at the end to bear my testimony in Spanish. I about peed my pants when he said my name. But I went up there and did it. I have no idea what I said which is evidence of the gift of tongues and the power of the spirit but I know I didn´t stumble on any words and that what I said was exactly what the Lord wanted me to say in that moment. Which is the coolest feeling ever, by the way. President Willard said he was so proud of me and I almost cried, because the Willards honestly feel like a new set of parents for this time in my life and even though Mom and Dad don´t get to see me right now, the Willards are taking great care of me. Along with Hermana Lyon who is seriously the perfect trainer for me. I am so grateful for her example and for her testimony. She made this first Christmas away from home such a lovely experience. We sat under our felt Christmas tree on Christmas Eve night, read the Christmas story from the bible and sang Silent Night (in English!) and then woke up Christmas morning and made french toast and exchanged gifts. It was truly wonderful.
I hope you all had a FANTASTIC Christmas and remember that Jesus Christ is not only the reason for the season but the reason for everything and all that we have and are. He IS the divine gift.
I´ll talk to you all next year! ;)
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Gauger
 O Christmas Tree

 Christmas Conference

 The tallest hermana in this mission...with the shortest hermana

 How could you not love this country? I witness precious moments like this all the time!

 Christmas morning

 My Zone

 Featuring my fambam. (Christmas Skype session)

 Spelling error, I thought it said taller chicas....

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