Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mine Is a [District] Where Every Hour Is Blessed By The Strength of Priesthood Power


Email from November 11, 2014, Mexico MTC

We went to the temple today and I AM ON TOP OF THE WORLD right now! It was INSANE to be back in that visitor´s center and to think about how much has changed since I was there just this past April. I am in love with this whole country and everyone here. I seriously love every person I see!
 Guess whose back?

This week was definitely the most difficult one so far and I had a lot of very frustrating moments, lessons, and days. But I know that this is missionary work and it´s all completely worth it. My number one most spiritual moment this week was when Elder Schmidt and Elder Christiansen gave all of the hermanas blessings because they felt prompted to. I swear the heavens opened up and the spirit of the Lord was tangible as we sobbed and listened to the words of God come straight through these young men that I´ve known for just 3 weeks. Ya know how that scripture says that angels will be round about you, well there´s no doubt in my mind that there was angels in that room that night. The priesthood power is real and I needed that blessing and reassurance more than anything. I love my district SO MUCH. I say that every week but every single day is a blessing just to know them.
 Distrito 7b

Today at the visitor´s center, we watched that "God´s Plan For Families" movie and I CRIED SO HARD. I love my family more than anything else but this time as I watched and thought about how wonderful my family is, I got so motivated to share the gospel so that everyone I meet can watch that video and feel the same way about their own families and know that they can be together forever too!

Adventure wise, I was at gym the other day when an elder came running out of the bathroom and screamed "HELP THE TOILET EXPLODED!" and a flood of water came pouring out of the bathroom. I kid you not, I fell straight to the floor and busted a gut because I was laughing so hard. Yes, for those who know me well, I did snort a few times. But seriously, the toilet was shooting water like a geyser and the companion of the elder who had run out was standing in the bathroom trying to stop it but it was like a fire hose shooting out of the wall so he ended up soaking wet and Hna Rhees and I (once I recovered from laughing so hard) ran and got help for the poor guys. I still cackle whenever I think about it. 
 Hermana Segura and I work out

Sundays here are the best days ever! We have RS, district meeting, sacrament meeting, and then 2 devotionals, followed by a movie every Sunday night! Like real movies...kind of. Testaments, How Rare a Posession, and Joseph Smith. The spirit is incredible on Sundays and I love it.

Also, in regards to the Word of Wisdom, those blessings promised in Section 89 are REAL. I always used to think of the "do nots" in the WoW but now that I´m strictly following the "dos", I realize how important it is and how incredible it is to truly receive treasures in my mind. And working out every day for an hour is such an awesome blessing. I run a mile and do abs twice a week and then the other days, our district plays volleyball and it is so fun! Apparently, I´m not as terrible as I thought haha.

Anyway, I love you all. The church is true. I´m so grateful every day to be here and learn and grow in ways I didn´t even know I needed to learn and grow. Your prayers mean the world to me and I know they help me each day to be strong and able to do this work. I wouldn´t be here without the love and support I´ve received from all of you over the years. 

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Gauger :)

Preparing for the real thing

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